Tuesday, March 02, 2010


I went for a walk to the supermarket on my lunch break yesterday. It was nice to walk in the sunshine. However, it also seemed to bring out all the bad cyclists as well. In the half an hour or so that I was out I saw:

- A man cycling along talking on a mobile phone with a small boy standing on the front of the bike.

- Three cyclists go the wrong way down one way streets.

- A woman walk out into the middle of the road pushing her bike and then proceed to slowly get on her bike as a van rapidly approached and then she just gently cycled off down the road oblivious to the van that was directly behind her.

If only everyone was as considerate and reasonable as me. *cough*

I heard back from the woman I was at school with and I think we are going to meet up at some point. Should be interesting!


Claire Wilson said...

Lol. I'm finding the same with drivers on the road at the moment. I think it's the nice weather we're having down here; people stop paying attention to others.

Hope all goes well if you meet up.

Susan said...

I'm a cyclist myself and it really annoys me when I see people cycling on the pavement, going through red lights etc - it gives us all a bad name.

Random Reflections said...

CW - there was also a very strange moon tonight. It was very orange. Perhaps strange climatic conditions are upon us.

Susan - Thanks for your comment. I work in Central London and law abiding cyclists seem to be in the minority. Hooray for good cyclists though.

Kahless said...

I say ban cyclists from our roads.
Or they should have to pay road tax and insurance on their bike.

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - in London it would probably make the tube even more packed though, so perhaps I should be grateful for small mercies.