Monday, March 08, 2010


Another weekend over, and quite a busy one at that. On Saturday, we went to see some friends of G’s for brunch. It was quite a trek to get there, as they live on the other side of London, but it was worth it. One of them is Mexican and we had home made Tortillas with eggs and Mexican sauces, plus Mexican hot chocolate. It was so good. I am not sure that we would be able to come up with anything quite so good to reciprocate.

On Sunday morning, we went for a long walk around the local area. It was so nice to be out for a walk in the sunshine and we were out for over two hours in the end, even though it was initially meant to be a fairly leisurely stroll.

We also sorted various things out, like car insurance, flights to Scotland etc etc and generally got lots done. I did also manage to watch a few programmes that had been sitting waiting to be watched, but the list of programmes continues to grow. I did watch one programme about 7.30am on Saturday, but even after such an early start, I still haven’t really made a dent in all the programmes there are to watch.

I am finding it useful to be awake and doing things at odd times of the day because the baby next door is certainly not mindful of such things.


Kahless said...

Its crazy that you are being kept awake by a baby!

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - so young and yet so much power...