Wednesday, March 17, 2010


I did some more volunteering last night, which I think was the first in well over a month. It sent fine, but I did do a bit of it quite badly. But I knew I had so wasn’t really surprised when the scary man described that part as “crappy”. How charming. Fortunately him saying such things to me doesn’t really bother me.

G is out most evenings this week, which means that I either have to make my own lunch and dinner or come up with it my some other means. This is not right! I do feel I have rather “deskilled” myself since G has done all the cooking, but I really can’t say that I am desperate to get back to doing it. I do a lot of other chores at home and cooking is not one I am desperate to take up again. I do sometimes cook at the weekend, but I tend to leave the vast majority of it to G. It does make me incredibly lazy though and sometimes when I am home on my own, I have some cereal or toast for dinner, which I would not have dreamed of doing when I lived on my own and therefore cooked for myself every day. I am going to have to ban G from going out if it means I don’t get my meals prepared for me though, or insist on doggie bags being brought home. A supermarket sandwich is on the cards for today though. How exciting.


Kahless said...


This post has a different quality to it, in terms of spelling and english!!! (no offence)

It makes me a little concerned for me if there is something up....please.

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - I don't know how coherent I am normally of course. Maybe I normally use a ghost write and have now given away my secret.