Thursday, January 24, 2008

Burning ambition

That chap who I worked with who was refusing to work has gone. He resigned and left straight away. Apparently he was offered all sorts of compromises, including paid leave to take a bit of time to think, but he resigned anyway with no job to go to. Weird. We await some form of (unjustified) legal action. Someone I work with says that he would take copious notes after any conversation that he had, which sounds like someone trying to put a case together.

G is coming over tonight. I am away over the weekend, so we’re meeting up tonight instead. G will be the first person to see my new fireplace and so I hope the verdict is good. I suspect that whatever the weather may be like tonight, there will be a nice fire burning in my living room.

I’ve almost finished my next book, which is “The Light of Day” by Graham Swift. The book is ok, but not as good as I might have hoped. I find it switches back and forth a bit too much for my liking. I feel as though I am really expanding the books I read though, as I have a whole load lined up that I wouldn’t have considered reading previously. I’m really starting to enjoy reading again, which is good news.

I was really shocked to see that Heath Ledger has died. I always had a soft spot for him - based on my liking for US teenage films. I was always a big fan of River Phoenix, what with ‘Running on Empty’ being on one of my favourite films. I just thought it was sad news.

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