Friday, January 11, 2008


My spare monkey hat has found a new home. Someone I work with is a monkey fanatic and I showed her my monkey hat a couple of days ago and she almost passed out with excitement so I promised I would bring in my spare one for her. She even came back to see me later that day to remind me. This is someone quite senior in my organisation and so it is always very bizarre to see her get so excited about monkeys. I left the hat on my desk for her while I went for a meeting and when I got back there was a very excited note and a drawing of a monkey waiting for me.

I am staying at G’s this weekend and the agenda for the weekend includes doing the cleaning, tidying G’s bedroom including buying some storage boxes and maybe having another look at the computer to see if I can get it to run any faster. It’s an exciting life… We are also going out for lunch on Sunday and then meeting up for a coffee with someone I don’t know, but am very curious to meet. I will then get to Sunday night with the somewhat smug feeling that I don’t have to go to work the next day as I have Monday off because the fireplace man is coming round.

I can’t remember where I read it, so I can’t find the exact words, but the other day I read a quote from John Betjeman who apparently said that in the event of a nuclear attack should he hear the four-minute warning, he would proceed at a brisk pace to Peter Jones on the ground that nothing bad could possibly happen there. Peter Jones being the Sloane Square branch of John Lewis. A man after my own heart I see.


the vicious chicken said...

Your colleague had a perfectly sensible reaction to the monkey hat. I can't work out why you were surprised. Monkey hat always warrants extreme excitement, surely? ;o)

But Why? said...


Thanks for dropping in on my blog. Is there a picture of this hat anywhere? It sounds spectacular, and I would very much like to establish whether I should be jealous!

Random Reflections said...

VC - You are, of course, entirely correct. I shall have to see what other monkey items I can tempt her with.

but why? - hello. I will see what I can do about a photo, but I think we can safely conclude that it is worth all the fuss. It's a monkey after all!

But Why? said...

OK. That's sorted, then. I shall in future consciously covet your monkey hat.

Random Reflections said...

but why? - The monkey likes to be admired and he often notices people checking him out when I am wearing him on the tube going to work. I will have to ensure that nobody mugs me for him.