Friday, January 04, 2008


My last day of leave *sigh*. I’m still not feeling very well, but I’m meeting up with my mum in a bit and we’re going to go and look at fireplaces.

Yesterday was ok. I went over to see someone who I used to work with and it was good to catch up. She has been really struggling with her health, mainly her ability to walk and she did seem quite down when I saw her. She’s also really worried about work and if they might start trying to crack the whip a bit. They’ve just got a new boss and she is a lot more hard-edged than the previous one who would just always take the easy route and so she’s worried if there might be pressure put on her to do more, even thought she doesn’t feel well enough to do so. She also told me that there might be a job coming up in the office soon and that I should think about applying for it. She, A (as in the ex) and I used to be in the same team together and so it would mean going back to work there. I just said that I didn’t think that I was looking to go back there. Since I have worked for the organisation that I do (which is about 7 years), the only job I have really liked is working there, but things have changed so much since then. The boss we had was great but when she moved on the job was never the same. I do actually keep in contact with several people from that office and it might be nice to work with them again, but I think there is certainly that element of things never quite living up to what you remember. We also spent a while talking about all the politics of the office and I certainly don’t miss that – and there is, of course, the issue of A working there, which makes it all rather unpalatable anyway.

Anyway… then I went over to see if I could improve G’s broadband connection. It’s a wireless connection, but basically doesn’t work. I had a bit of a nose about and then decided that the best thing to do was move the receiver away from the radiator (because it’s made of metal and can interfere with the signal) and also just to see if the receiver being elsewhere in the room might mean the signal is stronger – and hey presto, it worked! This was a rather cheaper solution than buying a new computer, so G was very happy.

I have been thinking about the sickness bug that is sweeping the country at the moment and whilst I am sure it is horrible, it does have the advantages of being a very effective weight loss plan and would also mean some time off work, which would be two rather good outcomes. Perhaps there are more preferable but slightly longer term plans that could achieve both of these though. Mind you, going back to travelling on the tube next week might mean that I have no choice as to whether I get the bug or not.

Finally… the nominations have opened for the 2008 Bloggies and I shall be putting my mind to coming up with some blogs to put forward, although there are some categories that I wouldn’t have a clue about. Anyway, now’s the time to start coming up with your favourite blogs. You have until 11 January.


titration said...

Sorry you are sick thing. That bites. And what do you mean you went and looked fireplaces? You mean to add to your house or what? Aren't you smart moving the receiver!

Hmmm. Anyway. I'm leaving a comment because I keep reading your blog but then so often forget to get out of google reader and say hi. And I appreciate you saying hi on my blog from time to time. I should not be so lazy. :)

Random Reflections said...

titration - thanks for your comment. Yep looking for a new fireplace for my living room. The one there at the moment is terrible (and has no fire in it, so a bit useless).

That was about the extent of my technical know-how!

Pleased to hear you are reading. Always good to get your comments.