Wednesday, January 23, 2008

I knew I couldn't be trusted

I did have my doubts that all was entirely right with the booking for the place G and I are staying at in February. Monday night proved to me that I should perhaps have relied on my instincts more. The phone rang and a very nice lady was on the phone to say that they had been expecting us to arrive that evening – a month early. I think she thought the mistake was hers, but I think I may not have been entirely clear when I booked... *looks slightly guilty* Anyway, she was very apologetic and said the booking was fine for February. I phoned G and said that I should never be trusted to arrange things and if ever that responsibility falls to me again, I must be given a full script to follow, possibly including a check list.

The new fireplace is looking good. If you’re very lucky, I’ll post a photo at some point. However, it’s a good job I intended to redecorate, as my skirting boards are a complete mess, having been somewhat damaged and there are glue marks where the previous fireplace was held in place. They also didn’t cut the carpet very well in a couple of places, so last night I filled in the gaps they had left with some trimmings of carpet. Despite that, the fireplace is really nice and will look even better once the room has been redecorated.

If you’re looking to up your reading then I you might be interested in a site I have mentioned before – that being DailyLit. There are hundreds of books on there (the vast majority are free) and you can set it up so that you get an excerpt sent to you each day. Choose a book, choose how often you want it to be sent, choose what time and 675 emails later you could have read the whole of War and Peace or The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes in a mere 131 instalments or The Time Machine in 38 instalments. It also has the added bonus tat it could be the perfect way to read a book at work without anyone knowing. Use your time at work constructively for once – and earn your salary at the same time#.

Oh and I have no words to describe the Arsenal score last night. *hangs head*

# This blogger will accept no responsibility for any disciplinaries or dismissals resulting from reading books at work.

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