Monday, March 31, 2008


It was meant to be a fairly quiet weekend and in many ways it was, but mainly because I spent most of yesterday feeling decidedly unwell. I woke up really early yesterday morning feeling very odd and it took me a long time to work out what exactly the problem was – at which point it dawned on me that I felt really sick. At that point I decided that going to the bathroom would be helpful and promptly threw up. I then went back to bed for a bit and then realised that all was still not well and threw up again. I felt absolutely terrible and whilst I stopped being sick, I had the most awful stomach pains and kept having to dash to the loo.

I have no idea what caused it, but I had eaten some vegetarians haggis the previous evening and that is the only ‘unusual’ thing that I’d had. G had eaten the same food as me over the weekend and did feel a bit off colour on Saturday night, but that was it. Anyway, I shall now be avoiding Scottish food for the foreseeable future.

Yesterday I had a bit of toast and in the evening I ate a bowl of cereal, but beyond that the only thing I had any appetite for was Easter egg – which, as is my usual way, I hadn’t eaten yet. So I ate half an Easter egg (and still have two whole ones to go) and, despite wondering if it might be a really bad idea to do so, actually felt so much better afterwards. I will keep this in mind as the new cure for all ills. I didn’t even get dressed yesterday, which is unheard of, as I am not really one for wandering about in my night clothes, but yesterday I just felt so terrible for a lot of the day that I just wanted to be in bed, where when I wasn’t dozing, I was watching Columbo or reading my book. I was reading The Invisible Man and have been really enjoying it. I did listen to a bit of it via Librivox yesterday when I wanted something to distract my brain but wasn’t up to reading. I think the chap reading it has a really nice voice and that was very soothing. G also read to me for a while. G has a soft Glaswegian accent and that was really nice as well.

Being ill rather eclipsed everything else this weekend although I did watch Charlie and the Chocolate Factory on Saturday night and I really enjoyed that and thought it was a great version of Roald Dahl’s book.

Other things to report… On Friday I told my boss I have an interview for that job. The only reason I hadn’t told him before was that when I got the letter he was really stressed about some stuff and I also didn’t have the date (and still don’t), but we were walking back to the office and given some things we were talking about, it was a good time to mention it. He just went really quiet.

On Friday I was talking to someone I do a lot of work with and we were trying to make a decision about something and in the end we decided to make the decision based on the toss of a coin – so we did. Always a good way by which to make decisions.

On Saturday I phoned my sister because I wanted to know if they had made any provision for my nephew if both she and my brother in law died. Obviously I am not hoping for that to happen, but I wanted to know where my nephew was likely to end up. I said that I’d like to have him if the need ever arose. Mainly just because I would really want to have him, but also because my sister’s in-laws are really weird (even more weird than my own family) and I would hate for him to be brought up by them. My sister said that they haven’t made any provision as yet, but then she went out with some friends last night and mentioned what I had said and they said I was absolutely right and there is no way my nephew should be brought up by her in-laws, as they were indeed very weird. They were even willing to sign a document last night to reflect this if my sister so chose! I think my sister politely declined.


Tom Foolery said...

I hope you are feeling better today, if not, scoff a bit more chocolate easter egg or eat some meat! :) TFX

Random Reflections said...

TF - I'm feeling much better, but I'm sure a bit of easter egg or meat will get me back on to tip-top form though.

titration said...

Was this easter egg a real one? Not a cocolate one?

I think being read to is the greatest! O and I started that invisible man book and didn't really get into it. Do tell why you like it sometime along the way.

Random Reflections said...

titration - it was a chocolate one and it was lovely. Just what the doctor ordered.

Yes, being read to is great. Not that I expect everyone to like the book, but maybe it wasn't the same The Invisible Man. It was the HG Wells one that I was reading. There is also Invisible Man by Ralph Ellison and I think I tried to read that a few years ago and didn't like it at all and never finished it.

I wrote about the HG Wells one over on my other blog.