Thursday, March 20, 2008


The first day of my long weekend. How lovely… Today will consist of meeting up for lunch with someone I used to work with and then G is coming over later. Then tomorrow I think we’re going to a museum with my sister and nephew and there’ll be another day trip somewhere over the weekend as well – the destination is yet to be firmly decided but maybe somewhere in the west country.

I will also spend some time trying to work through my interview examples because at the moment I feel as though anything I would say at the interview would be entirely incoherent. Fortunately I have time to get my head round it though.

Beyond that there’s a not a lot going on here, but I will try and be more inspired tomorrow, if I have time to post anything.


the vicious chicken said...

Have a happy long weekend, Random :o)

PS A possible day trip to the West Country, you say? Do be sure to give me a wave if you head past Brizzle :o)

Random Reflections said...

VC - Hope you had a good Easter. I was headed down your way, but the weather and other factors meant I didn't make it.