Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Strange times

Yesterday turned out to be a weird day. I was about to go home when we heard that someone we do quite a lot of work with had died. Although it’s not confirmed yet, everything is pointing to him having killed himself. Him dying is tragic enough, but through suicide is somehow even worse. He is probably one of the least likely people to take that course of action (although, as it turns out, seemingly not). It has to be said that if we’d had a choice about working with him we would probably have preferred not to. I think it’s best to describe him as robust and direct - but there is no way that we would ever have wanted our working relationship to end like this. We were just utterly stunned by the news and I phoned some colleagues from another organisation that we do a lot of work with to make sure that they didn’t find out through the somewhat unfortunate route that we heard the news. They were equally shocked. We were actually meant to have seen this chap on Monday but at the last minute he said he couldn’t come to the meeting. It now looks as though this was not entirely unconnected to his death.

Strangely, last week, one of G’s colleagues also died unexpectedly. No-one has confirmed what the circumstances were but the death was certainly unexpected and the chap was only his in thirties. They think that might also have been suicide. Strange times indeed.

Anyway… I was slightly perplexed by the suggestion of children pledging allegiance to the Queen. I can see that there might be more of a case to pledging allegiance to the country (although I still think that a bit odd), but pledging allegiance to a person, with all their human fallibilities and frailties, seems downright bizarre. I think it is a suggestion that is doomed to failure and is likely to be more divisive than uniting. Anyone who is in favour of a republic is not likely to standing their at the front of the queue pledging allegiance and is more likely to be standing in the back row laughing at it all. I like that we have a monarchy, I just don’t think this is the answer to “being British”


Spudgy said...

Isn't the figure head that the Queen is they would be pledging alligance too rather than ther person themselves. What was one fo the lines at the end of 'Band of Brothers' - "You salute the rank not the man"

Even though I was brought up in a free state I would quite happily swear alligance to Queen and country - Hmmmm think I have finally decided what my nationality is !

Tom Foolery said...

Yeah, the kids will be leaning up against the wall,with their hoodies on,listening to music on their MP3 players swearing under their breath "Am I bothered, do I look bothered?" stupid Government what ever next? TF for PM! TFX

Random Reflections said...

spudgy - I take your point, particularly about saluting the rank and not the man. I wouldn't mind swearing allegiance, as such, I just think that we might be in the minority.

TF - Now you're going to be PM?? I hope the haircut was good!