Friday, March 28, 2008


For a short week at work, it has been really quite tiring, so I am glad it is Friday. We also found out yesterday that some people we do some work with have decided that they no longer want to engage in the process. I think this is a delaying tactic on their part but we shall see. Anyway, that means that one of the people has killed himself (his death had no connection to our work) and two others are refusing to engage on it. Also yesterday I agreed a leaving date for C who works for me, as she has got a new job on promotion. I also think that last week I heard my boss asking for some details on a job, so he might well be leaving. So my forthcoming interview can’t come a moment too soon! I really hope I get the job, as doing various bits of homework in preparation for it has really reminded me how much I like the work.

The other day G asked if A maybe thought I was just considering going back there to be annoying. I replied that that would be an incredibly manipulative reason to get a totally different job and then I said that it really isn’t my problem what A thinks anyway - and incidentally A left and then went back a while later and so hasn’t got a leg to stand on in being affronted or thinking it odd that I might go back. But, as I say, it’s not my problem – and yesterday I actually got an e-mail from someone else who works there telling me that she really hopes I get the job. A couple of people there know I’ve applied and they both seem really pleased at the prospect that I might return and I’d rather focus on that than the negatives.

Anyway, politics is a funny thing. I have been bemused by a few things of late. First was Hillary Clinton telling a story about how she came under ‘attack’ in Bosnia once – when in reality it had been a very pleasant trip and she was actually met by a little girl who read her a poem rather than having a grenade thrown at her. I did have high hopes of Hillary Clinton, but now just wonder if she is as untrustworthy as the rest. You can see a video on it here.

I have also been a bit bemused by some things to do with the mayoral elections in London. Primarily how the Conservatives can put up a candidate who is as much of a buffoon as Boris Johnson. I am not a Tory voter but sadly there are a number who are in London and I fear for the reputation and future of London if he gets elected (and for the electorates sanity). In yesterday’s London Paper though there were a few items about the mayoral elections including a letter from a chap who lives in Guildford in Surrey and is affronted that although he doesn’t live in London he can’t vote in the London mayoral elections. He seems to think that because he works in London that should make him eligible. Well, I work with people who come from huge distances to get to work. I have a colleague who used to come in from Southampton everyday which must be about 80 miles away and I have worked with people who have lived even further away than that. Are they all meant to have a vote? Do we get to vote in their elections too? If you want to vote in the mayoral elections move to London, it’s as simple as that.

The London paper also interviewed various celebrities to find out their top pledge if they were to become mayor. Nick Ferrari who is a DJ on LBC said that he would exempt everyone over 65 from paying the surcharge in our council tax for the Olympics because “Certainly none of them will be competing and many of them will be dead”. I’m sure that pensioners will be thrilled by Nick Ferrari’s declaration that they will probably be dead in four years time.

Then finally, I was amused that our dear Prime Minister seemed to get lost at Windsor Castle during President Sarkozy’s visit. You can hear the Queen talking about it here. It’s a good job that he doesn’t have an important job or anything like that.


Spudgy said...

I kinda agree with 'Mr Guilford' on voting in the Mayoral elections. I've worked in London all my adult life although have lived outside the M25 for the last 7 years. My wages aren't enough to move into London either! But I do use London's services being here for most of my waking hours Monday to Friday.

Good luck with the interview!

Kahless said...

Good luck with the job interview.

And for the record, I think if Mr Guildford wants to vote then if he is willing to pay london council tax then he should. He he wont pay it, then he shouldnt vote!

And yes, I had high hopes for Hillary too.

Random Reflections said...

spudgy - I can see that people might want to vote in the London elections who don't live here, but how would you assess if someone was eligible? I think geography is the only way. However, if you promise not to vote for Boris, I'll see if we can get the rules changed just for you.

Mind you, I would quite like to be able to vote in the US elections in the hope that they might not elect another idiot!

Kahless - I agree! I would quite like for my council tax to be reduced - and in fact there is a specific charge to pay for the Greater London Assembly, which I would be happy to get people who commute into London every day to pay a share of...

Spudgy said...

Erm I would so love to comment some more on the Mayoral elections but sadly rules at work prohibit entering into public debate!!

Just to note my council tax bill is £160 a month this year and the area I live in provides less service than if I lived in London. Go figure!

Random Reflections said...

spudgy - your council tax is actually more than mine and we geta mayor thrown in - perhaps Londoners get a good deal after all!