Wednesday, January 14, 2009


This statement is being issued in response to the growing rumours and speculation about the living circumstances of Random Reflections.

It is now possible to confirm that G will be resident at the aforementioned’s property. When asked for a comment on the new living arrangement G said “This is the best thing that has ever happened to me in my whole entire life. I’m so excited, I just can’t hide it. I’m about to lose control and I think I like it”. Random commented “I’m expecting my dinner to be on the table when I get home each night, my slippers to be warming by the fire and my pipe waiting for me on the mantelpiece. I’m quite some catch and G knows it”.

Long discussions ensued in advance of the decision. During those discussions it was agreed that G would do all the cooking and clean the kitchen and bathroom. Random agreed to get the hoover out of the cupboard on occasion – and perhaps sometimes actually switch it on.

Commentators from across the world have stated that this is a truly momentous occasion and will be included in the history books along side the death of Princess Diana, the shooting of JFK and the moon landings.


Notes to Editors:

1. Random has been declared as of sound mind. These recent events have called this into question for G.
2. All quotes attributed to G require a Scottish accent.
3. G may not quite recall providing the quotes. Refer to note 1.
4. Romance is not dead



About flipping time!! ;-)

Jokes aside Random, I'm so pleased that you engaged both your brain and heart and finally found clarity on the situation. Now all you've got to do is learn the art of compromise! Good luck. Enjoy the next part of your journey TFx

Random Reflections said...

TF - is that the statement or the decision?!

I have to learn to compromise? What! Perhaps I can still change my mind...

Lemonpillows said...

Ha ha ha! Nice statement, Ms Random! I'm glad things are going so well for you both. (how much did you pay her to move in, by the way?) lol. Enjoy the loveliness of it all and the cozy nights in. Big hugs to you both.

Random Reflections said...

Lemonpillows - No money changed hands at all. I do now have to work an 80 hour week to pay for G's expensive lifestyle though.

Kahless said...

"G would do all the cooking and clean the kitchen and bathroom"


cook and clean up afters; that doesnt sound fair to me.

Who puts the bin bags out?

Anyway, as TF said; seriously, congratulations and about bloody time!!

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - I may have slightly exaggerated the split of chores! It is me who out the rubbish and sorts all the recycling etc. I do vacuum quite often as well...


The decision! (Methinks you've found closure (with A?)and now getting on with the next stage of your life) But, I've been known to talk twaddle.

Right now the important stuff Brainbox.

How do you do a link in the comments box? Don't you be getting too technical with me. No HMTL marlarkey. Merci. TFx

Random Reflections said...

TF - Oh I see! The situation with A just bores me these days. I think it is a shame to have lost someone who was my friend, but it takes two to make a friendship. Such is life.

Yep, a new phase in my life, which includes someone waiting on me hand and foot. Or perhaps not...

Sorry the explanation is going to have to include html... Do you use html when you include links in posts? It is the same coding. It is a bit difficult to explain here, as if I do it, it will look like a link and then you still won't know. I shall find a way to explain so you can see it.

Kahless said...

You have online converters. Like
you can explain with this site here

All you have to do is Paste the code you want to illustrate there, and hit "ENCODE". Then,
Copy the converted code from there, and paste into Blog.

Kahless said...

Oops, I meant your name to go first
so read my comment above as ;line 2, then line 1, then line 3+

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - oh yes, I see!

The link you provided somehow got corrupted, but it should be here

So... what you would need to type to make the above link work is:

<A HREF=>here</A>

Try it and if that still doesn't make sense then I'll try again!

Thanks for your help Kahless, that was ideal!


I'll be back to look at this link tomorrow. I've drunk to glasses of wine today which would result in a probmatic link if I attempt this today methinks. Like texting I'm not a great lover of the old HTML Thanks BTW TFx

Random Reflections said...

TF- Not a fan of texting or HTML! They are your friend. They both do lots of helpful things and make life easier (some of the time). Maybe the alcohol will have given you a bit of Dutch courage.

Let's Kill Saturday Night said...

Official congratulations now to be added to my unofficial ones earlier.

Random Reflections said...

LKSN - Thank you. I hope all is good with you and life is treating you well.