Monday, April 20, 2009


I had a very good weekend. On Saturday we went with my nephew, sister and mum to see The Lion King. It was a really good production and my nephew really enjoyed it. We then all went for dinner and it turned into a very long day. G asked my nephew what the highlights of his day had been. They were as follows (I don’t think they were in order of priority):

The Lion King
Doing a big poo
Seeing the man blow bubbles
Being in a cage.

Hmm... interesting...

On the tube on the way home I heard brief snippets of a conversation. I still have not decided whether the brevity was for the best or if it would have been better to hear it all.

Girl to her friend:

“I tried stroking it to see if that helped, but it didn’t make any difference”

A couple of minutes later, the same girl then said:

“I tried licking it to see if that would get it clean but it didn’t work”

Bizarrely, G thinks they were actually talking about an iPod.

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