Thursday, April 16, 2009


My sister told me yesterday that my nephew had fallen over as he was running up some steps at nursery and had cut his nose and had lots of nosebleeds etc. My brother in law went to pick him up and got him checked by a nurse etc and he is ok. My sister sent me a photo and he’s got a massive cut under his nose and looked a bit swollen. I’d post the very painful looking photo, but I don’t really want to put a photo of a child on here. Trust me it looked really painful. I phoned my nephew last night to ask how he was and he didn’t seem to be too badly damaged. At the end of the call he said “Thank you for phoning to speak to me” which made me laugh, as I was very amused by how polite he was.

Last night I watched Embarrassing Bodies, which is where people seek out medical help for medical conditions that they have been putting off getting dealt with because they didn’t want it show it to anyone. So they do on national television to get it sorted instead. I still find that slightly confusing.

On Tuesday night I came home from work and said to G that I had a weird sort of headache and that I thought it meant a thunderstorm was coming. G looked at me oddly and I explained that I sometimes get these weird sort of pressure headaches when a storm is coming. I don’t think this is particularly uncommon (I hope…). Anyway we were watching the weather later on and the forecaster said that overnight we would have heavy rain and thunder and I looked at G and said “There you go. I told you”. G just looked at me even more oddly.


Kahless said...

Tell G that I too get a headache before a storm sometimes. It must be the change in atmospheric pressure?

And I never got why people embarassed about their illness go on TV.

The footie was better viewing!

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - G would probably still think I was odd, but just not because of the headaches. Yes I think it is due to atmospheric pressure.

Believe me these people did seem to have got over some of their fear. I saw things that surely no-one should have seen. Perhaps I should have watched the footie.