Friday, April 17, 2009


How can a short week at work seem so long? I am glad it is Friday. I am hoping to catch up on some sleep. I normally fall asleep pretty much as my head hits the pillow but since being in Madrid I have taken ages to fall asleep each night. I really need at least eight hours a night, so I am suffering.

Yesterday on the way home the train I was on was majorly delayed due to a passenger on a train a couple of stations ahead activating the alarm. The journey that normally takes about 15 minutes took about 40 minutes and for the majority of that time the driver gave us a blow by blow account of the latest information, which was normally that nothing had changed and so he was just repeating the same long-winded load of information he had already given. He did this about every thirty seconds. I wanted to kill him by the time I got off the train. It was like he was downloading his every thought to us and we were there as unwitting therapists. Even after we started to continue our journey he lectured passengers who got on at the next stop about not standing beyond the yellow line on the platform, as someone had been guilty of this at that station, and then did this again at the next station. He just kept talking and talking. And talking. I guess it must get lonely in the driver’s cab.


Spudgy said...

trouble is the new target is passing on information regularly......there a £250 bonus if the target is met!!

Stupid target if you ask me

Random Reflections said...

spudgy - that's useful to know. This chap was definitely going for quantity over quality!

Kahless said...

Yes; last week was hectic and ong. Problem is, when you have a day off, the work doesnt go away and you have to cram more work into less days.

Random Reflections said...

Kahless- All of my colleagues seemed to be complaining, but I don't think we'd give up a bank holiday! I hope you had a good time away.