Tuesday, April 21, 2009


On Friday I went to someone’s leaving drinks and only intended to be there about half an hour. Three hours later I finally left. It was actually quite useful to talk to a few people because I had been on a course the previous day and we got feedback afterwards and whilst it was mainly positive they seemed to pick up on a few other things as well. The course was about performance under pressure and we basically had this made up scenario and they assessed us. One of the things they said, which was general feedback rather than about me particularly was that everyone I work with seems to be very polite, but we never say thank you. I raised an eyebrow at this and said I couldn’t speak for the organisation I work for as a whole, but where I work I think people do say thank you. He disagreed. I then disagreed with him and then dropped the subject as he clearly wasn’t going to change his view. I have listened to my colleagues since and have heard them thank people several times. I think this guy just had a chip on his shoulder. Anyone, a couple of my colleagues said they felt miserable after the course, as they just found it very critical and made them feel a bit incompetent. These were people who I know are really capable and yet they went home doubting their ability. I don’t think you can truly judge people’s abilities based on a made up scenario and a couple of hours’ observation. Not impressed.

When I finally got home from the leaving do, G had made a really nice prawn and mushroom curry, which was ready to be served the moment I walked through the door. This living together thing does have its advantages.

After work yesterday I met up with someone I used to work with for a coffee. She wanted to update me on her news, which was primarily that she and her partner are emigrating to New Zealand in the next few months. This wasn’t news as such, given that I signed off part of her application a few months ago, but things now seem to be coming together for her actually to go. I guess that means I have a new holiday destination. *sigh*


Kahless said...

A course is crap if people walk away feeling like that.

Surely a course is about people feeling really motivated to change / improve their performance.

I did a course 3 years ago. It was run by psychologists.

I ended up in therapy shortly afters. I think the course was crap!

Have a good week; We are off to Brussels and I may or may not pick up internet before sunday.

I do pick up emails though on my blackberry. (Internet use is too expensive on it.)


or is it

or maybe

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - I was talking to my boss about it today and he was not impressed. Not a good course...

I hope you have a great time away and a really good birthday.

jumpinginpuddles said...

some courses can actually cause people to get so depressed that they end up nearly SI. Not all courses suit all people

Random Reflections said...

JIP- This course was compulsory, so it was aimed at everyone. I am still not sure who actually thought it was a good and helpful course though...