Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Food for thought

The plans seem to be coming together for my new job. I did have a slightly sobering moment when it seemed that I was going to be on some kind of fixed term contract, which would in effect have meant that when the work came to an end I would have been jobless. I looked into it and they are going to do it as a loan instead, which means that I revert to my current employer at the end. Phew… I think today I will find out who the people in my team will be (they are putting the team together for a particular project) and I know at least three of them are meant to be “really, really good”.

I saw these cards yesterday. I don’t know what it is about them, but I really like them. The images on the website don’t quite do them justice (click on them to enlarge them), as the cards themselves look much better, but they really made me smile. I really like this one and also this one. They sell them in a shop round the corner from my work and I might have to buy a few. I’m not sure if I would want to send them though or just keep them.



Liking Eclair Repair.

Oh, if you start growing a curly pig's tail ring NHS Direct! ;-)

Anonymous said...

Those cards are great.

Good job you got that job thing sorted, that would have been an unpleasant surprise !

Random Reflections said...

TF - that one is great isn't too.

I could also phone The Sun and make a fortune!

LKSN - I will be buying some of those cards soon I think.

I was a bit stunned when I realised the possible implications of this new job, but hopefully it is sorted now...

Kahless said...

Glad the job is sorted.
I am still intrigued as to what you do!

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - I do something not very interesting at the moment and will hopefully be moving on to something a bit more interesting!