Thursday, April 09, 2009


I am on leave now until Tuesday. Hooray! The burglar alarm was serviced this morning and the man turned up about an hour early. I answered the door in my nightclothes and G was still in bed, so we had to get our act together pretty quickly!

Yesterday I got an e-mail offering me a secondment. I was somewhat surprised to get the e-mail, as I hadn’t approached them about it. I am interested, but need to chat to my boss about it next week (potentially having to do a big persuasion job on him as well) and work out all the questions I need to go back with to find out more details of the secondment. But I am really pleased about it.

Anyway, here are a few photos of Madrid. I actually didn’t take many photos so this is the best of them...

The Royal Palace

And again...

A nice park

Plaza Mayor

A slightly bizarre statue of Pope John Paul II who looked like he was about to take to flight.



Nice photos David Bailey! ;-) Good luck on the secondment, sounds interesting. Have a good Easter, stuff thy gob with chocolate :) TFx

Kahless said...

I love the maize in the park.

Good luck with the secondment.

I was selected for a course this week (didnt know I was up for it.) its a womens development programme!!

I kinda felt special. I wonder if that is the feeling you got from hearing about the secondment. I wonder too what you do for a living?

Random Reflections said...

TF- I am starting to amass the chocolate already, but let me tell you there is a thing or two we could learn from my nephew who is very direct and just says "so are you getting me an Easter egg?" and of course "yes" is the only answer.

Kahless - I really liked that park too.

Well done on being selected for the course. Hopefully it will inspire you.

I was really pleased to be asked to do the secondment. I think it means they have confidence in me. I generally shuffle papers a lot. It's terribly exciting.