Tuesday, July 07, 2009


The washing machine appears to be terminal. Whatever temperature I try to run it at, it runs at what must be over 100 degrees. I know it must be over 100 degrees because it has a 95 degrees programme, so it must be safe to operate at that temperature, but whatever temperature it ran at on Sunday managed to partially melt the soap dispenser drawer. That is rather hot. So I am going to buy a new one and arrange for it to be delivered when we get back from holiday. This therefore means a trip to the launderette (if we can summon up the energy for that) and the purchase of some new clothes. I am not terribly impressed by this, as the washing machine is only a couple of years old. I should have gone with John Lewis when I bought it. Although I haven’t actually heard back from them about my refund for the sat nav, so perhaps I have too much confidence in them.

I am reading The Plague by Albert Camus at the moment, which is a good read. If I were the sort to be paranoid, I would wonder if it was a lesson in how things could go with swine flu - and let me tell you it is not a good place from what I can tell based on the first 185 pages of the book.

My colleagues with suspected swine flu came back to work yesterday and seemed totally fine. Apart from now having a fear of apple sauce – and she did also cry when someone ate a bacon sandwich. But apart from that she is perfectly fine.


Kahless said...

Two of my colleagues at work are going out to Mexico next week for 10 days. Work issued them with a medical kit. No anti viral tabs though. Mainly such items as mosquito spray.

Please dont climb into your washing machine; I would hate for you to get burnt.

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - I'm not sure if I think your work is being very responsible or irresponsible?! I think I would not be overly keen to go to Mexico at the moment.

It would save on the heating bill if I relied on the amount of heat being generated by the washing machine at the moment. I'll make sure I wear a protective suit though.