Monday, July 27, 2009


So, we made it back from our holiday in one piece. It was such a good holiday and we covered just over 2000 miles (and I actually did all the driving because Avis messed up the stuff on the additional driver).

I won’t go into massive detail now, but we went to Montreal first and really liked that, but it then paled by comparison to everywhere else we went and each time we went somewhere we liked it more than the last place we had been. I think of all the places we stayed we liked Shediac, which is in the south east of New Brunswick the best. It was a nice place to stay and we got to go to two other provinces while we were there – Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. I was surprised by how French speaking a lot of places were, but fortunately most people were also fluent in English.

Canada is such a vast and beautiful country and we saw just a tiny part of it. We now have a plan to try and see all the other provinces we have never been to. This trip we covered (parts of) Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia (and technically we went to Ontario because we flew via Ottawa, but I guess that doesn’t really count. We’ve both been to Ontario anyway though).

Some highlights:

Driving through such a vast land and seeing such beautiful sights.
Driving across the Confederation Bridge to Prince Edward Island (except for the massive toll to get back!).
Listening to The Proclaimers whilst driving through Nova Scotia!
Eating Sugar Pie, which must be the most unhealthy, but incredibly, delicious dessert ever.
Staying in a really nice B&B in Shediac run by a Parisian couple. It was just such a relaxing time and the woman was just so hospitable.

Some lowlights:

Getting very lost on a walk in Fundy National Park. There were some rather worrying moments on that walk, but we made it back in the end…
G being really sick one evening, for some unknown reason.

It was a great, great holiday and seemed to last much longer than two weeks. I am hoping my jetlag doesn’t last quite so long...


Lemonpillows said...

Welcome back! We missed you.. Did you do the Anne of Green Gables tour on Prince Edward Island? If you did, I'm officially jealous :(

Random Reflections said...

Lemonpillows - hello and thanks for your welcome back. I didn't go on the tour - we didn't have enough time. But I did buy one of my colleagues an Anne of Green Gables pencil, as she is a big fan of the books!

Kahless said...

RR, glad you had such a fabulous holiday and are well rested.

Whose Anne of Green Gables?

Kahless said...

Only kidding, HA!

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - yes the holiday was great. Have you been drinking the cheeky water?

Kahless said...

No alcohol honest. I only drink 2 nights a week now as I know I feel down the next day. Saying that though, I am contemplating maybe having a Bacardi tonight!!!

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - Clearly a hard day then and a need to unwind! I think I see Bacardi as a sunshine drink and there's not a lot of that about at the moment.