Thursday, July 02, 2009


So... another person where I work has swine flu. I know this because her manager broadcast it to the whole office. I sought advice from HR about the person who works for me, as I wouldn’t normally tell other people if someone was off sick because it’s their private business and I wanted to know if this should be treated differently. The advice was that it was no different to normal, unless things seriously deteriorated, and telling everyone would only cause panic. So I told the people who needed to know and that was it. The other manager sent an e-mail to the whole office to tell everyone about the other person. The two cases are entirely unconnected and there is no way they caught it from each other, as they won’t have come into contact for weeks, so I am still going to stay quiet about it. But I might be fighting a losing battle now!

I still haven’t been paid the money work owes me. I spoke to payroll about it again and they told me they had loads of queries to deal with and hadn’t got round to dealing with mine yet. I was not impressed. Strangely, I go to work with the expectation that I will be paid, so I think it is fair enough to get all of my pay.

I should be grateful that the weird chap who sits behind me has never tried this with his nail clippers (as far as I know). If he did attempt it, I might have to overcome my British reserve and ask him to desist. Or I might just wander off and make a cup of tea. I hope I will never have to be tested in this way.

Oh and, it's July already... how did that happen?


Kahless said...

Oh my word!

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - Quite!

Spudgy said...

2 things you don't mess with.

1. A persons Pay

2. A persons food.

Random Reflections said...

Spudgy - I agree! In some ways food is my greater priority in life. I need to be fed and watered very regularly.

They have sorted out my pay. They made a mistake and have now rectified it. They were going to pay me the balance at the end of July, but after making a couple more phone calls I found someone who was able to make an emergency payment. But I did have to persuade them, as it didn't seem to cross anyone's mind that I might want the money now.