Wednesday, July 01, 2009


It was pay day yesterday and I am now being paid by the organisation where I am on secondment. They underpaid me by about £300. I phoned them to try and find out where the rest of the money is. They are looking into it…

One of my team phoned me yesterday to say that she might have swine flu. She has just got back from holiday in the US and had felt unwell the whole time she was away. She came back and tried to make an appointment with the doctor, but he refused to see her and told her that she must stay at home in ‘quarantine’ until the symptoms have passed. She was quite surprised by this, as she just thought she had a cold, but it seems her doctor doesn’t want to take any risks. I couriered some work to her yesterday, so that she can work from home. I gave her two words of wisdom, one was to handle the files with gloves on. The other was to stay out if the sun in case she turned into bacon. I have an excellent bedside manner.

Yesterday the weird chap who sits near me (the same one who was cutting his nails recently), suddenly said to his colleagues “does anyone know where I can get a man’s swimming trunks that are like a thong?”. His colleagues all went a bit quiet and they then all denied any knowledge of where to buy such a thing. I think they would have to be quite brave to be the one to say “Well, where I normally buy mine is…”.


femmeismygender said...

Random, how on earth do you cope with weird chap?? For the life of me I could not share an office with a toenail clipper or a male thong wearer ARG!! fimg XX

Kahless said...

The toe nail clipper would drive me nuts too... maybe you should superglue his clippers.

Its a bit tight getting paid on the last day of the month eh? And short toboot. I get paid on the 10th thankfully.

Random Reflections said...

FIMG - This chap sits behind me, so I try and ignore him as much as possible, but he is very noisy and is quite difficult to forget. He is getting married soon and I would be fascinated to see what his fiancée is like!

Kahless - I might have to resort to that option. Or maybe a straitjacket and a gag.

I think I have always been paid pretty much at the end of the month. I am just grateful that I got paid at all because I had my doubts whether I would be on the payroll!