Monday, September 21, 2009


I found my outgoing power company on Friday. They said they wanted to check that it was me who had requested to switch companies. I confirmed it was. The chap then asked why I was changing companies. I explained that they wrote to me and from their letter it was clear that they were putting me on to an expensive deal so I looked about for a new one. Then the conversation went as follows:

Me: The cost of the electricity will be half the cost of staying with you.
Eon: It might be cheaper but there is no way it is half the cost.
Me: Er, actually it is. I have checked all the figures.
Eon: There is no way it is half the cost. You must have got the figures from some bogus website, as there is no way it could be that much less.
Me: Well it is. I think we are just going to have to agree to disagree. Ok thanks very much. Bye. *Puts the phone down*

I didn’t get annoyed with the bloke. I just couldn’t quite believe that he was basically telling me I had been duped. I actually used the figures Eon gave me themselves and then the figures sent to me by my new supplier. I compared the unit costs, I checked that the charges moved from primary units to secondary units after the same number of watts etc etc etc. I checked it all. It was half the price. Eon customer service had always been very nice in the past, but clearly not when you’re leaving - at which point they tell you that you’re thick.

In other news, you might be aware that I think Celia Imrie is the bees knees. She is in a play in London in November and so I have booked tickets to go and see it. Hooray!


The Gripes of Wrath said...

Celia Imrie lives on the Isle of Wight - I've seen her pootling around Cowes on a couple of occasions...

Random Reflections said...

Gripes - I have never been to the Isle of Wight. Perhaps I should make a visit...