Tuesday, September 29, 2009


My team is so near to reaching its target that we should hopefully have done so by the end of next week. Then we have seven more weeks to go until the end of the project (and potentially my secondment. Gulp…). I am waiting for a decision to be made on my secondment but the big boss doesn’t want to decide because there is going two new people are starting very soon who will be between me and him and he doesn’t want to cut across their decisions. I can understand that, but it leaves me in a slightly precarious decision in the interim – and I will have to find anew job very quickly if they decide I can’t stay on.

I have made progress on preparing for the course I am meant to be teaching on. I hate role plays but there is something I want to demonstrate and the only way I can think of doing it is via one. I have convinced another manager to help me with this and we are basically going to rely on people on the course to give us directions. This could be interesting… I have also got someone else to agree to come along to talk us through apiece of his work and we are then going to use that as the main focus of the second day of the course. Today I am meeting up with the other person who is going to be running the course, so I am hoping that she will think all the things I have sorted out are ok (we discussed them in advance, but at the time it was all a bit hit and miss as to whether I would be able to sort all these things out). I think it is all starting to come together now and I just need to finish writing what I need to cover and then hope that I can explain it all on the day. There’s nothing like a bit of pressure.


Kahless said...

I am annoyed with your boss. It is a cop-out what he said. Some people are like that.

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - he doesn't like confrontation and likes to be liked. I can sort of see what he means, but actually I spoke to him yesterday and the news is looking much more positive and it seems that I will be able to stay on. He did say that, but there was still an element of "probably" at the end of what he said.