Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Just sign on the dotted line

So, I dug out all the details that I needed to finish the application form, which left me with one problem – signing it. It sounds like a simple one to solve: get out a pen and put a scrawl at the end of the form. Except, the form is meant to be e-mailed. So… I could print the form sign it and then scan it back into my computer to send it, but that is a massive amount of work and would actually then mean it would no longer be a word document, they then wouldn’t be able to separate out the diversity data, which is not meant to be included as part of the application etc etc etc. So, I phoned them but the people I needed to talk to weren’t available, so someone else took a message and they called me back and left a message on my phone saying to type my name at the end of the form and that would be fine. So when I got home I tried to do this, but because it is one of those forms where lots of the fields are locked on it – including the signature field – there is no way to type any text in there. These people are idiots.

They are a professional recruitment company but cannot get really basic things right like enabling you to sign a form. Despite it saying the form should be e-mailed, I am going to have to post it to them because presumably the form is invalid without a signature -because you are signing to agree a number of statements. All I can hope is that there incompetence means that lots of people mess up the application process and therefore get automatically ruled out. Every cloud…

Anyway, it’s G’s birthday on Thursday so we are going out with some friends for a meal tonight, which should be good. G is looking for a new job at the moment – partly to try and earn a bit more money and partly to get rid of some slightly psychotic managers. When I hear about jobs that sound interesting I usually suggest them to G – this has included being a tube train driver because I think that could be quite good and you get paid a lot for going up and down the same bit of train track. I have also suggested becoming a film censor, which I imagine would lead to quite an eclectic mix of viewing from children’s programmes to something a bit *cough* more mature. Now if G could combine those two career choices that would certainly make for an interesting journey to work each day for commuters. It’s all about using your imagination.


titration said...

LOL. Nice. I would like to hear about someone who combined those two jobs! And good luck with all the job stuff for both you and G!

Random Reflections said...

titraton - somehow I think if someone did try and combine the two it might end up in the papers! I'm just making one last change to the application then it should be done. Hopefully.