Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Wednesday is the new Friday

My last day at work before going on leave. Hooray! I also might have found someone who is interested in taking C’s job (if she goes) and have lined up a meeting on my first day back to have a chat with this person to sound it all out a bit more. So that’s good news.

I spoke to the recruitment people again and explained the problems with the application form. They said to submit the form unsigned and I said I didn’t think that was acceptable, as just based on that they could refuse to include someone in the sift. So they said to post it instead, even though you are meant to e-mail it. *scratches head* I haven’t applied for a job in quite a while, but surely it isn’t meant to be this complicated?

I was interested in this article on the BBC which looked at the reasons behind three disparate communities across the world have populations that live well beyond the average. I’m not actually sure that I would like to live until I was over 100, but I guess if it was a good quality of life and your friends and family were still alive then it wouldn’t be so bad – and who would want to be the person who everybody remembered by saying “she died so young. Only 94 years old”. How embarrassing would that be after all?

We can conclude from the studies that in order to live a long life we should:

- starve ourselves, but when we do eat make it meat free with lots of tofu and soya.
- Eat lots of meat and make sure that there is lots of in-breeding within your family. The addition of a genetic mutation would be even better.
- Become a Seventh Day Adventist (no smoking, no drinking and basically no naughtiness generally) and if possible have a vegetarian diet.

Sometimes research shows that you should be grateful for your three score years and ten and not be greedy...


Tom Foolery said...

The PIC was muttering about this in bed last night suggesting that it might be wise for us to emigrate if we wanted to live longer. Tickets booked! :-) TFX

Random Reflections said...

TF - it was a BBC programme last night, but I was out eating curry. Somewhere with a bit more sunshine would certainly do me the world of good.

Lemonpillows said...

Re the application form. Good practice is to include a 'tick box' at the bottom of the form, which you tick if you are emailing the form. (which, by default, states that you have not signed it because it's electronic)

Hope you enjoy your time off work!

Random Reflections said...

lemonpillows - Despite them being a professional recruitment company, they have no idea of good practice it seems!

I'm really looking forward to some time off (despite a lot of it beign for decorating reasons). I will, of course, be in your neck of the woods...