Tuesday, February 12, 2008


I had a busy lunch time yesterday. I went to M&S and returned some shoes. I only bought them a couple of weeks ago and they’re already falling apart. A couple of weeks ago Jeremy Paxman complained his pants were no longer up to standard. Well, let me tell you, there shoes aren’t much better. When I took them back, it looked like I had been wearing them for years, they were in such a state. Anyway, they took them back and refunded me my money and then I went elsewhere and bought a new pair of shoes that will hopefully last a bit longer.

I also got a phone call from my water company and they said that as I live on my own they will refund some of the charges for last year and will reduce my water bill by about £80 this year. I don’t have to fill in any forms or do anything else. I just have to let them know if someone else moves in. How very easy.

I then bought a birthday card and Valentine’s card for G. So many Valentine’s cards are very full on and seem to involve declaring undying love, so I had to choose carefully, but it’s a mine field. Obviously a card that basically says “yea, you’re alright” is no better, so I stood there for ages looking at cards trying to find one that was nice but no overly gushing. I am such a romantic…

I also talked to my boss yesterday afternoon. We had to discuss my plans for the future etc, as every one at my grade and the grade above has to go through some weird assessment process. I am very sceptical about this process. I already work somewhere that is basically about “jobs for the boys” and seems to operate on some old boys network (not that it’s actually gender specific) and I was saying to my boss that I thought it was really unfair that people now seemed to get jobs based on who they know – no more advertising posts, it’s about knowing the right people. I think this new process is merely going to exacerbate the problems. I have a meeting with my head of unit on Thursday and I will say the same to him. Don’t get me wrong, I can’t get out of this process and I will fill out the assessment, but I will be keeping an eye on the outcomes. Anyway, I hadn’t really planned to tell my boss about me thinking of applying for a new job because even though it was a meeting about the future, it wasn’t about specifics in that sense, but at the end he asked me if I was happy to carry on in my current post and I said “erm… interesting question…” and then explained my latest thoughts. I think my boss is now a bit concerned that I might leave, as might C – and that being the case he might decide to go as well! Anyway, it was all fine and I just said that I’d tell my boss what I decide to do etc.

In other news, I see that a new Mr Man has appeared and he is called Mr Rude – and is French. No cultural stereotypes there at all then. You can find him here, along with the whole Mr Men and Little Miss family.

I have also now set up my book blog, which is just a way of me keeping records of what I have read. My boss said to me yesterday that I have strong analytical skills, but I’m not sure you will find that my book analysis is always that insightful!


But Why? said...

Loved the cartoon.

I sympathise with your work woes. What is it about the office environment that nurtures the most base and unpleasant human qualities?

Random Reflections said...

but why? - I am frustrated and bored by my work in equal measure. I just hope I get that new job.