Friday, February 22, 2008


Yesterday was really nice and G liked the birthday celebrations I had arranged. We went to The Landmark for afternoon tea and the food and relaxing atmosphere was lovely. We just sat there for a couple of hours chatting and relaxing. Then we went to see The History Boys, which G really wanted to see. We had both seen the film and it was interesting to see it in its original stage form.

I do sometimes wonder why people find parts of that play so funny though, particularly the bit that is in French, where people laughed *so* heartily. There is a part of me that wonders if some people laugh because they like to show that they can understand someone speaking French. I haven’t studied any French for about half a lifetime now and I could understand 99% of it, so it isn’t very complex French, and I know the acting was good, but people just found it all so amusing. I did think that maybe Alan Bennett was having a bit of a joke at the audiences expense because the play has some social class issues in it and is about some boys at school on Sheffield who are trying to get into Oxford or Cambridge and they’re being taught how to pass the exam and interview – a lot of which is about pretending to be intellectual and different even if you’re not. Which made me think that maybe that’s the point about the part in French, we can all pretend to be intellectual and a bit different because we can understand someone talking in French. Or perhaps, I am reading too much into it and I just missed the joke in that part!

Anyway, G and I are off down to the south coast until Monday shortly. Hopefully it will be a really nice and relaxing time away. Then I’m coming back to redecorate my living room next week. I’ll be back here on Tuesday, assuming that I can bring myself to put down my roller for a few minutes. Have a good few days all.


Tom Foolery said...

Both of you have a good break, build a sandcastle for me. TFX

Random Reflections said...

TF - Thanks. It was a great break. Sadly there was no sand, just lots of pebbles. It was good nonetheless!