Monday, February 11, 2008


How can it be Monday again? Fortunately this is my last full week in work until March, as I am on leave half of next week and all of the following week. Not that I am counting down you understand.

Anyway, it was a good weekend, despite being incredibly tired on both Friday and Saturday nights. Saturday G was over and my sister and nephew came round for lunch and then we all met up with my mum and went to a farm. The farm was ok, but there didn’t seem to be as many animals as there were sties/ pens/ stables etc, which was a bit of a disappointment. They did have some guinea pigs there though and they were very, very cute and one day I might think about getting one. I’m glad I liked them more than, say, a cow. My nephew caused us a couple of frights though. First, he was running round on some haystacks that had been set up for children to play on and misjudged where he could jump and went plummeting down to the ground. Fortunately there was a mat there but he was very shocked and upset by it all. He got back on the haystack again but I then had to keep climbing up to wherever he was because he was too nervous to jump down on his own. Then just as we were about to leave, he disappeared and it took quite some searching to find him – he has merrily wandered off and was playing in a playground area. My sister was not best pleased with him, but all was well.

We then went back to my parents’ house and had dinner. My father was his usual odd self and could be found standing in the dark just watching what was going on a few times, which is just a little bit creepy... he is an odd man...

Yesterday G wasn’t very well, so we didn’t do a lot. I did, however, fill out the application for the job I am thinking of applying for. I have sent it to a friend to ask her to look at it and will see what she thinks of the examples that I have used, but I keep having moments where I think there is no way that I could get the job and that I shouldn’t build up my hopes that I might get it. I guess you never know unless you try. I’ve still got time to decide though and have a chance to rework the answers if I want to. I’m glad that I have done the bulk of it though, as the hardest part is probably already done. Except... I have a one to one with my boss this afternoon and I have to decide whether to mention it to him. That might seem odd to some, but at work we basically normally have to tell our managers if we are applying for anew job, as they usually have to endorse the form in some way. In this instance he doesn’t, but it seems odd not to tell him and maybe a bit unfair. I’ll maybe see how the conversation goes and decide at the time.

Oh and I’m still progressing well on the book reading front and am in the process of (very slowly) putting a little compendium together of the books I have read on a new blog, which I’ll link to at some point when it maybe has something to look at – although it is being done more for my own sake than that of others. Anyway, it will probably appear some time soon.

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