Monday, February 04, 2008


Another weekend over and I am once again on the countdown to the weekend and being on lave in a couple of week’s time. I’m actually off north of the border tomorrow and Wednesday and am probably not in the office on Friday either so hopefully the week will go fairly quickly. I feel like I’m wishing my life away, but am still surprised that we have made it to February already.

It was a nice weekend and G and I went for a walk on both Saturday and Sunday around the local area – mainly just to get some exercise in rather than just vegetating at home. We didn’t get our 10,000 steps in on either day but got a lot of the way there, which is better than most weekends.

We also spent a bit of time thinking about holidays – the plan was Canada, but as yesterday evening went on, G went quieter and quieter and a couple of times I asked what was wrong, but G said everything was fine, which I didn’t believe (and said so). Then after a while G said that it just didn’t seem affordable. G does earn quite a bit less than me, and I think it would mean there would no money left at all for any other trips away during the rest of the year. So I think we may have to come up with another plan. Last year I only went out of the country briefly with work a couple of times, so this year I have to escape the UK for a break. Not that I don’t like the UK, I just need to go abroad though. So now, I need a reasonably priced destination that we can both afford and still have money left over for a few more trips away. I shall have to ponder this one more carefully.

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