Thursday, February 21, 2008


It has been a decidedly slow start to today. A late start, a leisurely breakfast and a bit of lunch in a few minutes. Then we’re off into London for afternoon tea and then going to the theatre tonight. G doesn’t know what we’re doing yet, as it’s meant to be a birthday surprise. So I’m hoping it isn’t a huge disappointment…

On the way out I am going to put my job application in the post and then that will be finished for now and over the next few weeks I have to start getting answers to all my questions, in the hope that I get an interview.

As a final thought for today, you might like to be careful where you choose to eat and I would suggest avoiding this place. The article leaves me with two main questions. First, why would “oh it’s a message just meant to be seen by staff” somehow seen to be a reasonable explanation? Second, even with the incentive of a free meal, why would you go back?

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