Monday, October 20, 2008

Food for thought

I had a pretty busy weekend. I had dinner with one of housemates from university on Friday night. We used to see each other very week but over the last year or so we haven’t been able to see each other so much, so it was time for a catch up. She is also a very good cook, so it was also time for her to feed me again. We talked about loads of things and one of the things I mentioned was that I had been to a lecture at LSE on Monday and, as it turned out C knew a lot about the work of the guy who gave the lecture (this was the lecture incidentally) and not only does she know a lot about him but actually has written various article related to his and others work (on uncertainty in the work place etc). I was surprised that she knew who he was, let alone writing articles about him. We have very different careers and one the surface you would think they have very little in common but it is weird how often our lives cross each others both in work and outside.

Saturday I went over to G’s to do a mass tidy up of what is meant to be G’s bedroom but generally has more of a resemblance to an apocalypse. As I seem to recall I managed to spend a lot of time sorting it out on my own because G was off doing other things, but I did manage to create order out of chaos. I think I am going back next weekend so that we can try and keep up the momentum and get rid of various things. G often has trouble sleeping and an untidy bedroom apparently can be a big contributor to that, so hopefully this will improve things.

We then went out for dinner in the evening and ate at a Colombian restaurant, which was quite nice. We had intended to eat at a particularly Italian restaurant but when it came to it G couldn’t remember where it was so we ate at the Colombian place instead. I imagine this is a very ignorant comment, but quite a lot of it did seem fairly similar to Mexican food.

Then yesterday we went for a stroll near where I live and bought some cheese at a French market, which was really nice. I spent quite a bit of time reading War and Peace and am now on something like page 800 – only another 550 to go… I think that makes me about 60% of the way through the book, not that I am counting.


Spudgy said...

Erm you went round to tidy his room up?! Can you ask G the secret to getting you to do that so I can try it out on me mrs.............

Random Reflections said...

spudgy - I don't give away any secrets for free. How else am I going to become a millionaire and retire at the ageee of 33??