Monday, October 06, 2008

Is that really a moustache or has your eyebrow come down for a drink?

Well, it turned out to be a better weekend than last week was, but had its ups and downs – fortunately more ups than downs though. On Friday night I was meeting up with some of G’s friends for a drink and G was coming along a bit later. I absolutely hate going to the pub on my own and I knew I was likely to get there before anyone else. But I decided to be brave and went along and sat down and had a drink. Time ticked on and no-one else turned up and I couldn’t get hold of G, so after quite some time I decided I’d go home and as I headed for the door, I saw that G’s friends were there. One of them had turned up not long after me and he’d assumed no-one else was there and so had sat down elsewhere. He was so apologetic and after that it was fine.

We did also have a bit of an incident that made everybody really upset. It’s not worth going into the detail of what happened, but it did actually make me cry because I was so upset by it all. I was really surprised by my reaction and need to think about that a bit because it all obviously just hit a really raw nerve.

Anyway the remedy to all of this was moustaches. We were at the Windsor Castle in Marylebone and Friday night was the monthly Handlebar Moustache Club night. Clearly if you are there on that sort of night you need to get into the spirit of it and sport your own moustache. So G managed to acquire some for us and we put them on and spent the rest of the evening chatting in our moustaches. It’s amazing how such things can lighten the mood and I suggest this as a potential solution to any adverse situations, as we had such a laugh for the rest of the evening. Despite the preceding paragraphs it was actually a very nice evening.

Saturday morning I went and got my hair cut and while I was having my hair washed an ambulance turned up as one of the rather older clientele had fainted. I don’t think this was a reflection on the hairdressing she had undergone, but they did take her away in the ambulance anyway. I got out with a decent haircut and all my limbs intact. So I take that as a success.


Walker said...

Now i wonder what could have made you cry hmmm
I'm not much of a moustache kind of guy unless it something a guinness left over my lip but what you described sound fun


Sounds like fun. (Don't let it/them get you down) TFx

Kahless said...

Glad it turned out well in the end.

Random Reflections said...

walker - well it was just rather a tricky situation that involves the group and is very awkward and upsetting for everyone. Do try and stick on moustache though!

TF - I'll try and keep positive. Perhaps I'll maintain a stiff upper lip (for my new moustache).

kahless - it did turn out well in the end and I had been tempted to walk out earlier in the evening when it all got a rather upsetting but I am glad that I stayed until the end.