Wednesday, October 29, 2008


The tube problems continued yesterday and I didn’t make it in time for a meeting. Fortunately it wasn’t an important meeting and it was easy to opt out of it, but very irritating anyway. So that’s £126 claimed back this year so far then…

Anyway, TfL are inviting people to participate in Together for London which is meant to encourage us to show more consideration to each other on public transport. You can join in discussions but this does seem to be seen as an excuse by many to just moan about things. But then it is probably preferable to killing a fellow commuter. I did actually see a couple of people have an argument with each other on the tube yesterday morning and I think if they were to log on to the website one would say “Don’t block the doors” and if the other person started the discussion would say “Don’t push people when you get on the tube. If you do you are a twat”. They did actually argue about if the first guy was a twat and called each other some lovely names. I was just glad I was sitting down and could just get on with reading my book. Londoners are charming.

I’m now on the closing pages of the epilogue to War and Peace, by the time I get home tonight, I will be finished (bar pestilence and flood)!

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