Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mother knows best

I woke up yesterday morning and felt decidedly sleepy. I have been quite busy of late and have various things ticking round in my head and so on and it’s all just made me feel very tired. I guess ploughing through War and Peace isn’t the most relaxing thing either, but I have started it and I intend to finish it, even if it kills me. Anyway I managed to get my act together enough to get both me and G out the door for work and we got on the tube and I was reading my book and suddenly my blood ran cold as I remembered that I was meant to have dropped my car off to be repaired. Somehow I had just totally forgotten. I can’t think of another instance where I have totally forgotten to do something like that.

So I got off the tube, phoned my boss to tell him what was happening and headed home. Strangely on the way to the station I had seen a plane boarding pass on the pavement and as I walked home I picked it up and it was mine from when I went to Manchester last week. I guess I must have dropped that on the way home last night. Anyway I got home and drove my car to the garage and arrived at work about 10.30am in the end. Not a great start to the day. My memory seems to be doing bizarre things at the moment, particularly my short term memory and it also now seems that I am discarding items in the street. This is not a good sign. I did get loads of work done yesterday and only got out of work just in time to get to the garage about 5 minutes before it closed.

In other news, I may have mentioned before that my mum has always said that I’m not allowed to eat kebabs (because, of course, I always do what my mother says) – and now I know why.


Kahless said...

I like reading your random reflections.

Random Reflections said...

kahless - what a nice thing to say. Thank you. 'Tis my nature...