Thursday, October 09, 2008


An early start today, which is not ideal, but also an early finish, which is some compensation I guess. Although, there’s quite a long journey to Manchester and back so it’s going to be a tiring day.

I seem to have a lot of stuff going round my head at the moment. Mainly stuff to do with work and around management and leadership and delegation and dumping stuff on people – there is a kind of hierarchical approach to that list and I am trying to get my head round all of it. I realise I’m not explaining myself very clearly, but that’s nothing new. Then there’s other stuff to do with getting upset on Friday night and so on. It wasn’t crying that bothered me, by the way, it was all the other stuff that went with it, that I might get round to explaining some other time. Hmm, yes that’s even less well explained.

Anyway, taxis to get and Manchester to visit. Hopefully I will find a way to be coherent by the time I get there, particularly as I have to speak for a few minutes at the meeting.

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