Wednesday, October 08, 2008


I have just finished reading Fahrenheit 451. Well worth a read and there were passages in that book that I thought were jaw-droppingly good – particularly the ones where Beatty was telling Guy Montag why they burn all the books. If you haven’t read it then I would highly recommend it and I found it hard to read that book and not be inspired to want to read others and soak in as much literature and information and poetry and prose as possible.

Yesterday was such a tedious day. Busy but tedious. I have another busy but tedious day ahead today as well doing almost exactly what I did yesterday. In the end after almost 5 hours yesterday I just said that we would have to stop because it was driving me insane. So we now have to pick up where we left off, which is not ideal but I just could not carry on with it yesterday. At least I am out of the office on Thursday and so therefore cannot possibly have to carry on with it then as well. I am going to Manchester for all of about 3 hours, which didn’t seem like a terribly good use of time, but is looking more appealing by the moment.

Over the last couple of days my boss and I have been discussing the credit crunch (did the phrase even exist 18 months ago??) and I suggested that this situation would never have arisen if our finances were invested in the Buildings and Loan in It’s a Wonderful Life. Oh, if only we had Jimmy Stewart to sort out the current crisis.

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