Friday, November 27, 2009


Yesterday was actually a calmer day. I know who my team will be as of January. Two of them are from my current team and three others are people I know, although not particularly well. Now we just need desks and other such minor things and we will be sorted.

Last night I was meeting G after work and I got on the bus and sat in one of two empty seats on the bottom deck. As I sat down a woman looked at me half in pity and half imploringly, at which point I realised the man I had sat next to wreaked of alcohol. He had been talking to the woman and she had been responding as she probably felt she had little option. The man then started to talk to me as well, and my heart sank, but then I realised as I was there and moving wasn’t really an option (or a polite option anyway). So I decided to engage in the conversation as it also gave the woman a bit of respite. So every time he asked a question, I would answer it but then ask him a question about himself and hope it was one that involved a bit of a story to answer it and if he said things that made the woman feel uncomfortable I would ask him a question to get him to talk about himself again. Other people on the bus were clearly amused by our conversation and when I got to my stop I said goodbye to him and told him to be nice to people and he assured me he would. Perhaps I should try and engage with my fellow commuters a bit more.


Sarah said...

That's so brave!

Kahless said...

Wow. Talking to fellow commuters.

When I am down in the big smoke I just look over fellow commuters shoulders and look at what they are reading.

anothercookiecrumbles said...

Wow! I just plug my iPod in, and immerse myself in a book, blanking out fellow passengers.

I do try and catch the name of the books they're reading though.

Interacting with commuters... I'm not that brave!

Random Reflections said...

Sarah - I felt I had little choice and better to engage with him rather than risk ignoring him.

Kahless - Believe me you have the right idea of how to act on public transport. However, looking at other people's reading is very naughty and could earn you a very dirty look from fellow commuters. Newspaper 'sharing' etc is not allowed.

anothercoookiecrumbles - I have considered the iPod route etc but figure I might becoem even more of a grumpy commuter when people invade my small bubble.

I also try and check what other people are reading and occasionally have really wanted to ask the person what they think of their book, but have never dared! I wanted to ask a woman who was reading a Cormac McCarthy book because I have heard good things about him, but not read any of his books (but will shortly). I decided this was not the done thing though.

Sarah said...

Still think it was brave, but agree with your reasoning. Your book blog has been quiet recently. Hope you're not too busy to read. Reading can be very therapeutic...

Random Reflections said...

Sarah - Sometimes it's best just to go with it!

I have just finished reading a book and will review it soon. I have been a bit slow on the book reading front this month.