Monday, November 30, 2009


So I have now done the vast majority of my Christmas shopping, and the bits I haven’t done I pretty much know what I am going to get and where I am going to get it from. I also managed to convince G to get started as well – as you might recall, last year I had to do it a couple of days before Christmas because G was really ill and had been for most of December. We have even managed to get a present for a friend’s dog.

I think I have a busy day at work today. I foolishly offered to help another manager out as she was a bit snowed under. She gave me a really difficult piece of work to look at and it took me most of the day on Friday (and then my computer froze and I nearly lost it all. I phoned our IT people who said it was unrecoverable. I didn’t believe them and tinkered a bit more and got all my work back. I am in the wrong business…). I still have some stuff to write up to do with that as I need to give some feedback and an indication of areas that need further work. I also need to get myself organised as I am out of the office all day tomorrow, as I am heading to the North. I need to brief the person who is going with me and work out everything I need to cover while I am out of the office and train times etc. Life is much easier when I can spend the whole day at my desk.

I have a busy week ahead socially as well, so it could be a tiring few days. It’s hard work being sociable.


Rebecca Taunton said...

ha - techies know "nuffink" (oops, I'm going to be one of those one day). Bet it was a relief to get your work back, though.

And, wow, wish I could be that organised with Christmas shopping.

Random Reflections said...

Rebecca - I was glad to outsmart the techies, mainly because it was many hours of work. I hope that you will remember that you are not truly godlike when you are doing IT things, even geeks are occasionally fallible.

I hope to have the Christmas shopping done some time soon. I can't cope with Christmas crowds.

Let's Kill Saturday Night said...

Ah, gotta love Amazon. I just bought 2 presents online in 5 minutes.

Random Reflections said...

LKSN - Amazon has helped me out again this year, so I'm with you on that one. It does make shopping easy and means I don't have to met lots of horrible shoppers.