Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Going back to work went ok. I felt remarkably wide awake, which made me realise quite how tired I was before I had time off. My team have been working away in my absence and gave me lots of work to deal with on my return and it looks as though we could achieve the rather stretching target I set them to achieve by the end of this month (which was more stretching than the stretching target they had been set for the entire six months because they achieved that about six weeks early. They have often commented that I keep asking more and more of them...).

Today I should find out who from the office has applied to be part of the new project that I will be running in January. I know three of the names and they are all decent people and I think at least two people from my current team are going to apply, so hopefully it will be a good group of people – although I am hoping that I will get exactly the right number of people because I don’t really want to have to turn anyone down. I feel more enthused about the next project now that I feel more able to function, so hopefully that will be a good project too.

It is so nice not to fell totally worn out – and now I only have four weeks until I am off for Christmas.


Kahless said...

Only 4 weeks to crimbo....argh!

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - I hope you have done all your Christmas shopping and made your Christmas cake.

Kahless said...

Mrs K hasnt decided yet on the orange or the tangerine. When she has, i will pop to Tesco's and job done.

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - it's a difficult decision. I hope Mrs K chooses wisely.