Tuesday, November 17, 2009


Yesterday I started Christmas shopping. Despite doing a bit of wandering in London I actually did all of it online, but started is started. I am going back into the centre of London today to meet up with my mum and we are going to do a bit of shopping together – or perhaps shop separately and then meet up for refreshments at various points.

I think G is a bit traumatised that I am off work. Yesterday G said to me “when I got up in the morning and was wandering about and it was all quiet, I thought this is what it would be like if you were dead”. Right... which basically means no-one to make the tea, put out all the breakfast stuff (the night before no less) and to put the toast on. It’s nice to have my uses.

Over the last few days, I did also discover that G had a very sheltered upbringing. I found G buttering some cake - surely that is not normal? G has similar form in that earlier in the year I was given a hot cross bun that was not sliced, toasted or buttered. Surely a *very* sheltered upbringing. Every day is a school day.


Rebecca Taunton said...

Online Christmas shopping sounds like the ideal way to go (I dread crowded streets and queues).

Hope you enjoy shopping in the centre of London.


Random Reflections said...

Rebecca - I have done a fair bit of online shopping the last few Christmases and I too hate crowded streets and queues.

I am trying to get a few bits done now to avoid the much bigger scrum in December, but Oxford Street etc has been remarkably busy for the middle of the working day.

I work in Central London so plan to do anything that is left on the way home from work over the next few weeks to get the agony over and done with.

I hope all is well with you.

Spudgy said...

Ok if it was a sponge cake he was buttering then I think he's completly normal :-)

The Gripes of Wrath said...

G's from the West of Scotland, yes? Buttered cake is almost considered health food there. Buckfast Cheesecake with Irn Bru icecream isn't unknown either. Terrifying. Truly terrifying...

anothercookiecrumbles said...

Eeek @ Buckfast Cheesecake with Irn Bru ice-cream. That sounds disgusting (to me, at least).

Two thumbs up for online Xmas shopping though.

Random Reflections said...

spudgy - G is never normal!

Gripes! Yes G is from the Glasgow area. I am going there just after Christmas and so will have to try and track down this concoction that you mention. We have a hire car so we won't even have to walk to get it and could also see if we could find a drive thru place to pick it up, just to make sure we really fur our arteries up.

anothercookiecrumbles - I think you judgement is probably entirely correct!

I have put in my first order and also arranged for a book to be delivered to Waterstones for collection - and did various bits of shopping today on Oxford Street. Progress has definitely been made.

The Gripes of Wrath said...

Well, the Parkville Hotel in Blantyre is where you can find such delights (and staying in the car is certainly advisable... Blantyre is delightful...Like Motherwell, but without the charm... or Coatbridge without the culture...)

Kahless said...

I think G is normal and you are odd in your food tastes.

Go to M&S and buy one of their icy spiced buns. I think G will love it. It is like a hot crossed bun with icing on.

Random Reflections said...

Gripes - I shall not your (lack of) recommendation. If things get desperate while I am in Glasgow I might make a trip there though - G's mum's cooking is very questionable.

Kahless - G's ego is already massaged enough without you adding to it!

I really like those buns and haven't bought one in ages. I think I'll have to get us some soon.

Let's Kill Saturday Night said...

If it's a dry cake, I don't see why you couldn't put a wee drop butter on it. You butter scones, after all.

Random Reflections said...

LKSN - You Scots always stick together. It must be something to do with bonding through drinking Irn Bru.

Hope you are settling in well to your new home.