Monday, November 16, 2009


I saw Celia Imrie on Friday night. Hooray! Had I sat in a slightly different seat I would have been offered a piece of cake by her. I said that to my mum and she said that the problem then would have been that I wouldn’t have eaten the cake and would have needed some way to keep it forever. I am not sure it is quite appropriate to embalm a piece of cake though.

I went to my volunteer training on Saturday and that went quite well. We were practicing some things and the trainer said it had gone quite well “but this is the last time I will be so nice about what people are doing”. There was a collective gulp in the room. We always had this Saturday coming off and then had three more weeks to go, but the training has now been cancelled for the rest of the year and will start again in January. We were all quite disappointed by that as it takes some of the momentum out of what we are doing and we were also starting to gel as a group and now won’t get to see each other again until next year. I really need to practice some things before we meet again though, particularly “active listening”.

Yesterday we watched Mamma Mia. We felt that this film was at rather the opposite end of the scale to Slumdog Millionaire and breathed a huge sigh of relief.


Kahless said...

Mamma Mia was nice and frivolous. I must say I am wary about watching Slumdog now.

Will you work with the other volunteers in your training group or will you be split up?

oh and I found out I have 3 weeks of holiday leave to use before the end of March!

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - Mamma Mia was good, as was Slumdog, but one was rather more gruesome than the other. I would struggle to watch Slumdog again.

I think I might work with some of the other volunteers, but I'm not really sure how they decide who does what. There are other, more experienced, volunteers, so I guess we will be with them sometimes too.

Three weeks. Wow! Although with you following England around the world you might easily use that up. I hope you make some nice plans with it.