Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Over the weekend, G and I were looking at how much we spend at the supermarket each month. By my calculations, we spend, on average, £163 per month. Last month was actually our cheapest month and the bill came to about £50, but there have been some very expensive months. So the plan now is to be have more of a budget for food – and it is to be set at £120 per month. We’re also going to keep accounts, so that we keep a proper track of what we spend.

We don’t buy very much meat, we don’t often buy any alcohol (and, technically, I never buy any, what with being a teetotaller), so that cuts out some of the more major items in a lot of food bills. We will be able to carry forward ‘credit’ from one to another, but we’re going to give it a go to see if we can bring out food bill down. It should also, hopefully mean less waste, not that we throw very much away - and we compost a lot of things anyway. We’ll see if we end up under-nourished and constantly hungry.

Tomorrow we are off to the south coast for a few days, so I will probably be back here on Monday, as I think it is unlikely I will have time to drop by here tomorrow. Have a good few days all.


Spudgy said...

ok I can't not ask how do you manage on so little for the month?! Think you should publish your shopping list.......

Kahless said...

I hope you have a lovely weekend.

Your food bill put Mrs K and I to shame. I am not going to say what we spend a week, never alone a month. Mind you we do have 2 dogs and 6 fish to feed too!

Random Reflections said...

spudgy - is that not very much? We eat very well and are not suffering from any form of malnutrition. Perhaps we are just very savvy shoppers?

Kahless - the weekend was very nice.

We certainly have no responsibilities other than feeding the two of us. I imagine your menagerie of animals makes a big difference to your bills.

Spudgy said...

Its not alot of money.....or do you count your cleaning products and stuff like that seperately?. I budget £100 a month for the dog and 6 cats. I know a basic Tesco shop is about £120. Plus £40 odd then spent on meat.

Though I've started baking alot more and bringing home food to work so my monthly spend is coming down quite nicely.

Think we need to do a compare lists!