Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Yesterday the bad weather was just what I needed. For a variety of reasons, I just needed to step away from my desk and go and clear my head. It was pouring with rain at lunch time, but I went out anyway. I walked in the wind and the rain and walked at a pretty fast pace, not because of the weather but because the pace and the rhythm were what I needed. After 40 minutes of walking in the rain, the world seemed a better place and I went back to my desk and saw things from a new perspective.

I bumped into G on the tube on the way home. We are both reading books of almost identical length – about 560 pages each. We therefore were in a race to the finish, despite there being no real purpose to this at all. Although, having said that I am not a fan of the book I have been reading so it has been a good incentive to get it over and done with. Who won the “race”? Well, I shall leave you to work that out for yourself.


Kahless said...

G did?

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - as it turned out, it was me. By five pages. But I think my book was a quicker read in reality. I was lagging behind most of the time, but had a last minute burst and won.

We really should get out more...