Tuesday, February 16, 2010


It is G’s birthday at the weekend. I have already sorted out some tickets for a concert, so to that degree I have sorted out a birthday present. However, the concert isn’t until November, so I feel it is a little ungenerous to not give something that will be for now. Delayed gratification is not always a bad thing, but this might be taking it to an extreme. The only problem is that G is seriously lacking in present ideas. The main one at the moment is an egg timer… although I have suggested a couple of DVDs that might be suitable.

Anyway, I went to see if I could find an egg timer at the House of Fraser yesterday and was wandering around the home wares department and there was this man who was wondering around with a woman and it seemed that he had just bought a one bedroom flat. I couldn’t quite tell what their relationship was. At one point, before studying them at all, I thought they might be mother and son, but then when I looked at them properly they seemed to be much nearer in age than that, but I wasn’t convinced that they were a couple – or at least I hope they weren’t. The woman would suggest items for his flat and the man would just reply and make some really jokey, but rude in that it was always putting her down or a dig at her taste, comment in response. In the end I wanted to ask the woman why she put up with someone talking to her like that. What he said was way beyond a joke and it was like she could say nothing without her belittling her in some way. But she seemed oblivious to it. Nobody needs someone like that man in their life constantly running them down in the name of humour. I was so unimpressed. I also didn’t manage to find an egg timer.


Claire Wilson said...

Sorry to hear that you didn't find an egg-timer ;-) Hope you find one before the weekend...Lakelands is always a safe bet.

I always find it a shame when people feel the need to put up with that kind of treatment. I don't think it's something that happens over night, though by the time you realise what's happening it's already formed a habit.

Random Reflections said...

CW - I might have to come up with a Plan B. I have no idea what that is though!

I think both of the people were really oblivious to what was going on. The man probably just thought he was very funny and the woman, for whatever reason, seemed not to have a problem with constantly being belittled. I hope that at some point someone points out to them what is going on. It is far from healthy.

Kahless said...

Why dont you shop online?

Random Reflections said...

Kahless - I do often shop online but this time I thought it was better to physically look at the items. I also normally get things delivered to G's work and, given the reason for the purchase, that felt a bit wrong this time!

I went to HMV and got a couple of DVDs that G wanted - and as a I later found out, they were cheaper than via Amazon etc. Result.