Friday, June 27, 2008


There was a card from the postman when I got home last night saying he’d left a parcel with my neighbour, so I went round to pick that up and it turned out to be a DVD of my nephew driving a toy car. Kind of difficult to describe quite what this involved but they’d had some event at his nursery and had made films of each of the children. Very cute, despite them failing to wipe his nose before the filming started. I said to my sister that in years to come that video would come back to haunt him when they got it out to show future girlfriends.

I also spent a bit of time trying to get a few people together to do a walk in July, which is going to be the weekend after G and I get back from holiday. G already tells me off for getting us to go out walking regularly (even if just to the shops) and given that I imagine there will already have been a reasonable bit of walking while we are away, I might be in trouble… Well, you’ve got to live on the edge sometimes.

I saw some research has shown that eating takeaways can be bad for you. I can’t say that I have done extensive research into this but I reckon I could have told you that based on eating an occasional curry. I would quite like a research grant to make sure I had properly looked into this issue though – and possibly to buy some new clothes that I could actually fit into at the end of it.

Anyway, I’m not really sure what my plans are for the weekend. I’m meant to be going to my parents’ for dinner tonight as my sister and nephew will be there as they are all going to Ireland for a week tomorrow. I was asked to go, but decided that being imprisoned for the murder of my father would take some of the shine off a holiday. Then G is coming over at some point tomorrow and I imagine we will find something to do to keep us amused.

Thanks for all your kind comments on yesterday’s post by the way. Much appreciated.

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