Monday, June 23, 2008


My weekend went ok and that was mainly helped by having a really nice evening on Friday. I met up with my mum and sister and we had dinner and then went to a concert at the Royal Albert Hall. It was called Strictly Gershwin and whilst I like Gershwin, I was a bit non-plussed about going to see it. It was a mixture of Gershwin’s music and ballet and whilst I wasn’t terribly impressed by the first piece because they ballet they did to it was incredibly boring and was like watching an exercise class, the second piece onwards was just brilliant and utterly mesmerising. I was like a little kid wondering what was going to happen next. It included music like Rhapsody in Blue and An American in Paris, which brought back memories that as a child I used to go to sleep listening to that music (it’s not exactly the most peaceful music, so I have no idea how…) and then I remembered that at school I also did a project on the Gershwin’s. Anyway… it was really great and one of the best concerts I have ever seen at the RAH. There was a fantastic ballet to “The Man I Love” and it was beautifully sung etc and whilst obviously just hearing the song won’t conjure that up, here it is anyway:

G had been asking me for book recommendations, so I have suggested a few, all of which have been a hit. The other day I was talking to G on the phone and I asked how the book was going and G replied “Yes, it’s going well. I’m on page 156”. I started to laugh and G was confused by my reaction and I had to explain that most people would reply to that question by saying something they liked about the book or what they thought of it etc, whereas G turns everything into the number of pages read. G did later say that it perhaps wasn’t normal to evaluate the enjoyment level of a book based on how many pages you have read.

I previously mentioned about the chap who was going to put his life up for sale. Well, bidding has started - and had reached Aus$2.2 million last time I checked. You might therefore have to auction your very soul to be able to buy his life, but if you get a house, a car and his friends thrown in, you might think it’s worth it.

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