Thursday, September 04, 2008


Right well, I am now on leave and am off to King’s Cross station in a bit to go and hop on a train to Scotland. We are going there for G’s sister’s wedding, which is tomorrow. This is the first time I meeting G’s family. I have somewhat mixed feelings about this…

Anyway… on Saturday morning we’re picking up a hire car and are then driving off to Argyll to stay on a cottage for a week, which hopefully will give us time to recover from the previous day and also to do lots of nice relaxing things. Then we’re flying back the following Saturday, as there is lots of engineering work on the trains so it would have taken hours longer than normal to get back by train.

When I get home I will find out if the chap who will have been doing various bits of work on where I live has a) done the work and b) not stolen everything. I should have a newly painted bedroom ceiling, a working light in my bedroom (both remnants of having the boiler installed), the light switch in the kitchen should be the right way up, the shed re-roofed and a wall painted, plus maybe a bit of work in the garden. Or I will have no possessions. It will make an interesting return to London.

So have a good week or so all and expect freakishly good weather on Scotland, as clearly it wouldn’t dare rain while I am there on holiday.


(no subject) said...

have an excellent holiday!!! and i hope that meeting G's family goes well!

i'll keep my fingers crossed for clear weather =)


Random, Have a great break. Hope wedding etc goes well. See you soon TFx

jumpinginpuddles said...

ohhh we like weddings, do we get to see any pics ?

Random Reflections said...

no subject - wedding was good, weather was mixed. Nice though.

TF - all went well and it was a good time away.

jumping in puddles - Not sure there will be any pics of the wedding but I'll post a few of some of the rest of my time away in the next few days.