Friday, September 26, 2008


G and I went out for dinner last night. We had accrued enough points with Toptable to get two free meals, so we went to Awana in Chelsea. It was very nice food, but I did fell we were a bit shoved in a corner, but then I guess they were never likely to make a fortune out of a free meal. I would recommend going there but it is quite pricey so you would probably want to go there on some sort of offer.

I was travelling home on the tube on Wednesday night and there were quite a few delays. I have concluded that it is never encouraging when a message comes over the tannoy saying “looks it all just really confusing to be honest and the train we thought was on its way here has disappeared, so we’re not really sure what’s happening”. Yes, I think that probably is quite confusing. Honest, though.

I also overheard two of my colleagues talking the other day and one of them had been to hospital and it seems he had undergone some form of internal examination that involved a lot of prodding and probing. My other colleague, a rather well spoken chap just replied “yes, the finger lingers”. I raised an eyebrow and decided that sometimes there are times when you should just let a comment go and continued with my work.

Anyway, a fairly busy weekend ahead, as I have a whole load of things I have to prepare for next week and it involves various bits of research. On Sunday my sister and I are taking our parents out to a Gordon Ramsay restaurant for lunch, which I hope is nice. At least, based on his programmes, the kitchens should be clean.

Have a good weekend all.

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