Monday, September 29, 2008

Turn around...

Monday again… it was a fairly busy weekend. I met up with G on Saturday and we had lunch at the Cafe in the Crypt at St Martin’s in the Field. G is not very well at the moment and so was craving warm food, so I figured that was a good place to get some decent food and then just sit for a while and chat. Then we went towards Piccadilly and had a cup of coffee and ate cake (it was a very strenuous day). We did look for some new work shirts for me but I couldn’t find anything suitable, so we gave up on that. G then went home to carry on being ill and I went back to my place.

On Sunday my sister and I took our parents out for dinner at Gordon Ramsay’s Boxwood Café, which was very pleasant, although, unsurprisingly, not the place to go if you are on a tight budget.

When I got home I had done less than 1000 steps all day and so went for a walk in the sunshine. I found that a few minutes walk from where I live I have a really great view across London, which I was really surprised about and will have to go back and have another look sometime soon.

Then yesterday evening I phoned a friend but then realised that she is a big fan of Poirot and there was a new episode on last night so I cut the conversation short so she could watch it. Then I phoned a friend from school and chatted to her husband for a few minutes, as they had just got back from hospital because their son had been really ill with suspected meningitis. They still don’t know what’s wrong with him and are holding a bed for him at the hospital but let him go home as there was no advantage in keeping him in.

I saw the new Cadbury advert on TV last night, but actually saw it first over at the Vicious Chicken’s blog. Anyway go here and watch it. Another marvel from the people who make the best chocolate in the world*.

Update: I did correct the typo that seemed to suggest I wear shorts to work... The world could not cope with such a thing, particularly on a slightly chilly September morning.

* yea, yea I know all the stuff about Belgian chocolate having so much more cocoa in it etc but I’d still choose Cadbury’s over any other chocolate and to be honest I have a gorilla on my side, so it you want to argue about it, I am going to win.


(no subject) said...

that was a REALLY interesting advert. i liked it tho! and i agree cadbury chocolate is good...but dark chocolate is better...=)

i hope g feels better soon! send her my best wishes!

Kahless said...

My grandad always insisted Cadbury's was the best in the world. I must say I like the bubbly cadbury's.

I buy my work shirts from or

Random Reflections said...

no subject - nooooooo... Cadbury's is so much better than dark chocolate!!!!

kahless - Your grandfather was 100% correct!

I did actually go to TM Lewin on Saturday but I had trouble with the cut of some of them. I might try them again though, as they make nice shirts, and the other place you have suggested.


Kahless said...

The fitted shirts at TMLewin are very different cut to the non fitted. ctshirts is charles tywrit and are a looser fit.

One of the fond memories I have of my grandfather (he died about 15 years ago) is that after staying with him he would send me away with a bar of cadbury's!

And I always wondered how he ate chocolate given he had no teeth! Oh that gummed smile!

Kahless said...

Oh and how is Tolstoy going???

the vicious chicken said...

Oh... 'shirts'! I read the post earlier while it still said 'shorts'. It makes more sense now :o)

The Gorilla ad is great, isn't it? Apparently it started off as a mashup on the Internet, made by some fan of the orignal Phil Collins version who mixed the images from that with the Bonnie Tyler soundtrack. And Cadbury liked the mashup so they made it into a real proper advert! How cool is that? I love how interactive the world has become :o)

Oh, and by the way - if Mojo does want to come and live here, he can be assured of all mod cons and un-interrupted Poirot-viewing. I'll even throw in a giant-sized bar of Cadbury's to sweeten the deal. No? You want to keep him? Oh well, fair enough - you can't blame a girl for trying ;o)

... turn around bright eyes ...

Random Reflections said...

kahless - thanks for the short advice. I think I will go to one of their shops and try some on and then once I see how they fit I can go from there.

My grandparents always used to give me Trios. How I wish you coudl still get trios... My grandad wore dentures for years and I only realised just befoe he died and I think I must have been about 22!

Tolstoy is going well and it is much more readable than I had expected.

VC - yes, I can see how that typo coudl ave confused. If I was a postman or a park ranger then wearing shorts might be a good choice though.

I hadn't realised why they'd made the second ad. I really like it though - and I think probably more than the first.

Mojo is not going to be coming to visit - even though I had to prise his little duffle bag from his hands that he had packed to hop on the National Express bus. He will watch Poirot with me or not at all!